Why are Pakistan Railways running out of tickets?

The Pakistan Rail Services has announced that it has sold out of 1,000 tickets.

The railway had been struggling with ticket shortages since the beginning of the year and has been in a state of financial collapse.

The announcement came in a press conference held at the Railway Station on Saturday.

According to sources, the railways had sold out 100,000 of the new tickets, but at the same time, some 2,500 tickets have already been handed out to the customers.

“The tickets sold out due to the shortage of tickets in the first quarter.

The company has already sent more tickets to the customer,” an official source said.

The press conference was held in the wake of a press release issued by the Railways which said that there were no new trains in the pipeline.

The Railways had been in financial turmoil for some time now due to low demand.

It has struggled to meet its financial obligations, mainly through debt, as well as a fall in revenue from ticket sales.

The railways has also been struggling to attract private investment, as it had to raise a staggering Rs 7,000 crore in the last financial year to upgrade the system and get ready for the next generation of trains.

The Railways has also had to make some difficult decisions in the short term.

The railways had to cancel the services of some trains and cut ticket prices in a bid to increase revenue.