When the government decided to ban the train driver

Railway board chair Peter O’Reilly says the government’s decision to ban a train driver from working on a train, was the right thing to do.

“I’ve been in the job since December.

In that time I’ve seen a lot of change.

I was told that if we had a passenger train that was going through the CBD, we would need to be able to take the train to the train station.

We did that, and the customer and the train were going through on the same line.

That is a common practice in many other parts of the world.”

Mr O’Riordan said he hoped the train-driver ban would help train passengers get on and off trains.

He said if the passenger train was delayed because of a train that stopped because of the train traffic, it could be dangerous for people on board.

The government said the train operator would be allowed to continue operating the train, but the driver would not be allowed back on the line.

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