When the ‘Cosmic Railway strain’ is finally revealed

Train passengers have had to endure the pain of this strain since it first surfaced in April.

Picture: AAP Source: News.au It was first spotted in Whippany, north-west of Brisbane, and was confirmed on Monday morning.

The train operator, BNSF, said the strain had spread to other railway systems, including the BNSW Railways, but would not confirm whether it was connected to the latest train explosion in Whips Bay.

BNSF said it had been advised of the incident, which occurred in the vicinity of the railway station, and has taken “all necessary actions”.

“BNSFF advises that it is not uncommon for isolated instances of this type of strain to be encountered,” the statement said.

“We have had a number of isolated cases and our full investigation is ongoing.”

BBSF said an additional train was at risk of catching fire, and that the train operator had taken measures to reduce the fire risk by shutting down the train at its depot and “ensuring that trains that are already running do not become overcrowded”.

The latest train accident occurred at about 7:30pm on Sunday when a train collided with a stationary train.

A video of the train’s fire was uploaded to social media and shows a smoke cloud rising into the air before the driver of the stationary train, who was not wearing his seat belt, fires a warning shot at the train.

The footage shows a firefighter and a paramedic tending to the man who appears to have suffered a cardiac arrest.

The man is then seen on the ground, and is taken away in a stretcher, where he is taken to hospital by BNSFF paramedics.

At first, it was believed the man was being taken to the nearby hospital, but BNSFS said it was too late for that to happen.

There were no reports of injuries and no-one was injured in the fire.

It is believed the driver was not aware he was in a fire when he pulled the trigger, and the passenger had not noticed the danger of the fire before it began.

On Monday, the BBSF’s Safety and Security Command said the driver had been placed on administrative leave pending the investigation.

In a statement, BBSFS said: “BNSFS has been informed of an incident involving a passenger and we are working closely with the BPSF, the Queensland Fire Service and the ambulance service to assist in their investigation.”

Inspector general of police Inspector David O’Shea said the incident had been reported to the Queensland Police Service.

Police were expected to issue an update on their investigation later on Monday.

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