Train scam: Nizamuddin’s son arrested in Malaysia

Railways Minister Mohd Ahmad Zahid told reporters at the BNSF Railway Co. station in Penang on Monday that the accused trainee, Sajid Najibullah, has been arrested in a separate incident.

The Minister said Najib was taken into custody by Malaysian Police, who later transferred him to Penang.

He said that Najib is currently being interrogated at a local police station.

Najib had been employed at the station since May last year, the Minister said.

A Malaysian court on Monday acquitted Najib of all charges, and he was released on bail pending trial.

Najib had reportedly been booked in the case of a suspected cheating scam at the Penang Railway Station.

His brother, the head of Penang’s railway, Siti Mohd Alam, had also been arrested.

The railway had accused Najib and his son, Saimat, of cheating the trainees on their first trip from the Penampunan station to Borneo via Kunar in November last year.

The railway alleged that the younger Najib, who was the trainee’s boss, paid RM3,000 in RM2,000 to the older Najib to help him cheat the trainers.

It claimed the younger man then used the money to purchase a car and to travel from Kunar to Penampampunah, where he allegedly bought a car for himself.

Malaysian police said in the end the trainer had not been able to buy a car.

In the wake of the train scam, Malaysia has been grappling with the issue of cheating.

On Monday, Najib’s wife, Khairul Islam, was also arrested on charges of being involved in a case related to the cheating scandal.

She has been detained on suspicion of attempting to cover up her husband’s involvement.

Malaysia’s railway authority had said earlier that the railway had been given two weeks to submit its response to the police case, but Najib has been allowed to stay on his salary pending trial on charges related to his role in the cheating case.