The history of the railway song from a Northwestern railroad museum

A bit of history on the song, which became a local legend.

In the early 1900s, when a passenger train from Boston to New York ran over a crowd of railroad workers in the Ohio Valley, the song of a locomotive in the distance became the local soundtrack.

The song was written and recorded by a young man named John H. Wootton and was the inspiration for the song “The Last Train” by The Eagles.

The locomotive and its conductor, John H Wootston, were a staple of the railroad’s music, and when the song first appeared, Woottons popularity as a songwriter was enormous.

But it was the music of the train that became the song’s inspiration.

The story of the song goes like this: When Wootons family was traveling from New York to Boston in 1904, he heard the train whistling and heard it as if from miles away.

He was struck by the song and wrote a song for it.

The song was “The Old Man of the Mountain,” and it was a popular song in the Midwest and in New England.

The story goes that it was not just a song about the railroad, but about the journey of the journeyman in life.

But it was really a poem that went something like this.

The Old Woman in the Mountain was in love with the young man,