Railways are set to announce new plans for rail network

Transport Minister Shane Ross has confirmed the Government is finalising a new plan to build the country’s rail network.

The Minister made the announcement in a press conference on Thursday.

He said the Government will announce a series of key projects for the rail network in the coming weeks, including a new regional rail link from Port Augusta to the Gold Coast.

He also announced the Government would start building the new Interurban railway, which will run between the Goldfields and the CBD, as part of a new $1.5 billion infrastructure package.

Interurban will run from Port Victoria to Port Augusta.

This is a major upgrade of the rail system in Victoria and will see it be the most modern rail network anywhere in Australia.

Mr Ross said the new rail line will connect the Port Augusta town of Port Augusta, near Melbourne, to the Melbourne CBD, and will also connect Port Augusta and the Goldstream Corridor.

He praised the work of the Regional Rail Link Commission, which he said will be a major part of the $1 billion package for rail, saying it is a project that will transform the region.

Mr Andrews said the project will be the biggest investment in rail in the country.

“It’s a major investment for our country,” he said.

“The Regional RailLink Commission is a real leader in rail planning and the investment it’s making will be an important component of our national rail strategy for the future.”

The Federal Government has previously promised to spend $100 million of public funds to build a new rail link between Port Augusta in South Australia and the Port of Melbourne.

It’s expected to be completed by 2020.