Railway map shows where the rail network is headed to by 2021

Rail maps showing the growth in the railway network are available online.

The Indian Railways has put up a map on its website for the first time, and shows where it wants to be by 2021.

The railways map shows that in 2020, the Indian Rail Path is projected to extend from Pune to Delhi and beyond.

It says that the network will be a major transit route between Mumbai and other Indian cities.

However, the Railways wants to have at least 10 km of track between the Indian and Indian-controlled parts of Kashmir, including the border with Pakistan.

The map also shows the line from Pahalgam in Maharashtra to Chittagong in Manipur.

The railways also wants a track between Mysore and Chennai.

The Indian Railpath has set a target of linking the two states in 2020.

In the same year, the railways also plans to link Nagpur to Chennai.

However, in the last three years, the Nagpur-Chikkamagaluru-Nagpur route has been slowed down.

The Nagpur section of the route was the first to be completed in 2016.