Railway architect Edwin Wood is in talks to buy a large piece of Sydney’s railway infrastructure

Ed Wood is being courted by railway owners to buy up to 300 kilometres of railway track.

The project would include the existing track, which runs from Western Australia’s central north coast to the South Island.

Ed Wood is the architect of a large chunk of rail in NSW, which he says is a “huge problem”.

Woods latest design for the railway would be a three-storey building that is a mixture of Victorian timber and modernist concrete.

“I would like to see the railway come back,” Wood told The Australian Financial Review.

“It was a very different, more modern way of running the railways, and I think that’s where it will be going.

“There were all these things that were built on top of it, it was so heavy. “

[The existing track] was a huge problem,” he said.

“There were all these things that were built on top of it, it was so heavy.

So I think it’s going to be very important to have the infrastructure back on the track and back on it well, which I’m very keen to do.”

Wood has been a railway architect for 40 years, having built many Victorian railway tracks and rail infrastructure around the country.

He has worked with governments to make sure that the state’s rail network is as safe as possible, and he said that he had no regrets over the state of the rail network in New South Wales.

I was really looking forward to having the first Victorian track back on, he said, pointing out that it was the first track built by an Australian government.

It was very different and very different to what’s been built in Australia in the last 30 years, he added.

Wood also wants to build a rail bridge that connects the city of Hobart to the Port of Launceston, a project that has been stalled since the government decided not to renew the state-funded contract to build the rail bridge.

One of Wood’s most recent projects is a massive underground rail tunnel beneath the Darling Harbour in Sydney’s inner south, a huge project that is expected to cost $1.5 billion.

That project, dubbed the East-West Link, is still awaiting federal approval.

Railway Network Minister Ian Macfarlane said the project was an important project for the state.

We’re not going to rush it and we’re not putting a rush on it,” Macfarlies spokesman said.

Macfarlane confirmed the government is seeking advice from Transport Minister Jacinta Allan and the NSW Government on the plan.

A number of state and federal politicians have expressed support for the idea, but Wood said he would like the Federal Government to do more to secure funding for the project.”

I’m not saying I’ll give up the project but it’s not like the Government’s saying ‘oh no, this is a big job’,” he said on Monday.

In December, a joint government-industry report revealed that the existing rail infrastructure in New England was inadequate to meet Australia’s growing demand for high-speed rail, and that the Government was failing to keep up with the changing needs of its own citizens.

Despite the project’s progress, Wood said it was important to be clear that the railway’s future in New Zealand was uncertain.

There’s a lot of investment going on in the rail industry, but they’re all in very different stages,” he told The Conversation.

At the same time, Wood acknowledged that New Zealand’s railway system had not been in good shape for years.

[New Zealand] has a great rail network, but it needs to get back on track and to be able to do it properly,” he added, saying the Government needed to invest in the system.

And Wood also said he was looking forward the next stage of the project, which was to add more track.

If the Government does not invest in New Jersey’s existing rail network then Wood said, “I think the next step is probably going to the Australian Government.

But I do know that the Australian railway is going to have to look at New Jersey.

“This story has been updated to reflect a response from Transport NSW.