New York to start commuter rail service on weekdays starting in April

NEW YORK — New York City will start using commuter rail in the coming months.

The city plans to start using the rail service in April.

New Yorkers can ride the new commuter rail trains to Manhattan on week days starting in the spring.

It’s part of a plan to help ease congestion on the city’s commuter rail network, which has been plagued by delays and breakdowns for years.

“The train service will be part of the citywide effort to bring more people into the system to make it more efficient and reliable,” said Anthony Fauci, the mayor’s spokesman.

Fauci said the new trains will be able to carry 20,000 passengers per day.

More New Yorkers will be using the trains, including those commuting to Manhattan from other cities, to get to their jobs in the morning and afternoon.

For those traveling on the New York City Metro and the New Jersey Transit system, the new service will also offer additional service to the Bronx and Staten Island, Faucom said.

All commuters will be allowed to ride on the trains.