New York City Subway Passengers Who Got Their Start in Subway News

New York’s new subway system is getting a makeover, and many of the subway workers who once came to work in the city’s subway tunnels are taking to social media to share their experiences of working in the new service.

Some are getting the chance to tell their stories, some are sharing photos and stories of what it was like, and some are offering advice to other subway workers, who are taking part in the redesign.

While the new trains have a new design and a new layout, some subway workers are already seeing some challenges.

A subway station manager for the Queens district that serves the East Village and Long Island City area, for instance, said she had to move from a station that was too small to a larger station because it was cramped.

Another worker said he felt uncomfortable working in a train car where he could not see through the train door.

“I feel like there’s an air of expectation that comes with a new service,” said the manager, who requested anonymity because she had not been able to speak with reporters.

The new service is being developed by New York Transit, and its first launch has been scheduled for Oct. 5.

The New York Times first reported on the project.

The MTA, which owns and operates the system, has not yet announced the launch date.

The subway system opened in 1904.

It was one of the first subway systems to operate on a network of electric trains and is the longest-running subway system in the world.