‘It’s a shame the government didn’t do more’: Train operator says train crash killed more than 40 passengers

A train that derailed on a New England rail line killed more to 40 people on Monday, officials said.

The train carrying the American Union Pacific commuter train from Boston to Worcester, Massachusetts, went off the tracks at an intersection near the end of the tracks in Westfield Township in West Springfield, Massachusetts.

The Federal Railroad Administration said the accident took place about 9:20 p.m. local time (4:20 a.m., EDT) at a location known as the “Crawford” intersection.

It said about a dozen people were transported to local hospitals and that there were no other injuries.

The NTSB said the Amtrak train had been heading toward New Bedford, Massachusetts at speeds of nearly 100 mph (150 kph) when the derailment occurred.

“It was a very difficult situation,” Federal Railroad Administrator Brian Donahoe told reporters.

The accident was the first in a month for the Northeast Corridor, which carries commuter trains between Boston and New York City.

It runs between Boston, New York, and New Hampshire.

“I think the train was in a good condition, and I think that was a factor,” Donahue said.

“But the train did not have the capacity to go that far, so it did hit a few people.”

The accident comes as Congress considers a bill that would raise the speed limit on some of the nation’s busiest corridors to 80 mph (130 kph), which would affect more than 1.5 million Amtrak passengers.

The White House has also called for the passage of the Safety Act, which would extend speed limits on some commuter rail lines.

In the meantime, the accident and the bill could have a major impact on the economy.

“This will be the first major increase in speed on Amtrak,” said John J. Hales, the president of the Boston Business Journal.

“There are about 10,000 more rail passengers than before.

It’s not going to hurt the economy much.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.