How to stop the train that killed more than a thousand people in the Redwood Valley railway

Rail travel in California’s Central Valley is booming and growing.

But a new train derailment near the popular tourist spot of Redwood City could derail a system that has been one of the state’s best-performing industries for decades.


Jerry Brown said Tuesday that the state has begun to investigate a possible cause for the deadly train derailments that have killed more people than the Columbine massacre and the Oklahoma City bombing.

The trains were stopped by a crew member in the middle of a stretch of track near the town of Ocotillo.

The governor, a Democrat, said he would not release details about the investigation until the state and the railroad have conducted more than 10 days of intensive investigations.

He called the derailments “troubling,” but said there was “no evidence of any foul play.”

The derailments, which occurred between July 25 and July 28, have already killed three people and injured seven others.

A fourth man, who was also on the train, died Tuesday.

The train derailed in a rural section of the Redwoods, and investigators have been searching for the person who left the engine unattended.