How to solve Kenya’s railway riddle

Railways are among the countries with the lowest numbers of people using public transport, and the country has been trying to solve the problem with new public transport schemes.

A report released Monday by Kenya’s National Transport Authority found that only 16 per cent of Kenyans use public transport at any given time, compared to 64 per cent in China and 77 per cent internationally.

The survey found that Kenyas roads and rail networks are not adequately maintained and that traffic is low.

In Kenya, a report by the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) found that people working in public transport had lower incomes and poorer health.

A study by the Kenyan National Transport Administration found that a large proportion of Kenys roads were in poor condition, and many of its bridges were not safe to travel over, with a high risk of falling.

Kenya’s roads have long been plagued by poor road infrastructure, and a new report released last week said Kenya had not developed a long-term transportation plan that would improve conditions for pedestrians and cyclists.