How to install and use the Google Cardboard app for VR games

The VR app for the Google Glass headset is now available to download on the app store, making it easy to get started.

Google announced the Cardboard game on Thursday, and now the app can be installed on Android devices using the same method that it uses to install games on the Google Play Store.

The app requires a Google account and has a minimum download size of 300MB.

The company says that you’ll need to download the app to install on your device and the content will be available through the Google VR Developer API, which is currently in beta.

There’s no word on when or if the VR app will be made available to the general public.

Cardboard’s developer also told Engadgets that the VR experience is only available on Gear VR.

The headset itself is currently available for $99 and the Google headset costs $99.