How to get to the train station in Perth?

Railways in Perth, the capital of Western Australia, are the main transport hubs in the state.

But even if you are travelling to and from the capital, Perth is a city you should know about.

Here are the key points to remember.

What to do before you book a ticket:Book a train ticket before you arrive in Perth.

Get a hotel reservation.

Get directions from the station to the airport.

How to get from one station to another:When you are on a train, it can take a while to find your seat.

You will need to sit next to someone, so make sure you are seated by the right person.

If you are sitting in the back, the front seat is the first one to be taken up.

If there is a spare space, then take the reserved seats.

For example, if you need to travel to the railway station in Adelaide, you will need the seats in the first car to be available.

If your seat is not available, then you can book the unreserved seats in either car.

If the train is not in service, you can get the train back to the station from Perth.

If you are visiting Perth and need to buy tickets, you need the travel document (TDP) to show your valid TDP card.

Once you have bought your ticket, it is only a matter of filling it in on the TDP page.

What happens if you lose your ticket?

If you lost your ticket at the station or the train you are traveling on, you are not responsible for paying for it.

It is possible to buy a ticket at a ticket office, but you will be charged for the ticket.

If this is the case, you should contact your ticket office to make arrangements for the return of the lost ticket.

If the train was cancelled, you do not have to buy the tickets back.

However, you must have them delivered to the nearest station or train station to get your refund.

If your ticket has not been returned, you may be entitled to a refund on the next available date.