How to get the most out of rail tickets online

If you’re looking to save money on rail tickets you may want to consider going online instead. 

But the cost of doing so is prohibitive, with many sites offering limited functionality.

We have compiled a guide that will show you how to get around that. 

We have also rounded up a few free online options for you to check out before you commit.

What to do if you get stuck on a stationThis can be frustrating.

The rail operator is always keen to explain where you are, but you may be frustrated.

Here are some things you can do to avoid this: Avoid booking online at all costs.

The best option is to book via the phone and book a seat on a dedicated line.

This allows you to make sure you don’t miss your train, and to save you some cash. 

You can then go online to see the next train and get an idea of the time and distance to your next stop. 

If you book online, you will have to pay the full fare plus a deposit of £20 on top.

This can be a bit of a hassle, so consider saving the cash first. 

Use a different rail line.

Many trains have dedicated line options, such as trains running from Brighton to Leeds or Liverpool to Manchester.

This gives you a bit more flexibility, as there are usually extra trains for people travelling to different parts of the country. 

Instead, book online at your local station.

You can then book a ticket using the mobile app and pay by phone. 

Find a local ticket agentYou can use the app or your phone to book tickets online at a local train station, and you can book the same seat online.

This is particularly useful if you are planning to book multiple train journeys, or if you’re a frequent traveller, and want to save on the full cost. 

Take advantage of discounts and savingsWhen you book your train ticket online, the rail operator will typically offer you a discount of up to 20 per cent, or £2.50.

You will need to take this into account when booking the ticket, so book carefully. 

Book in advanceYou can book online ahead of time to maximise your savings.

This will mean you can avoid paying for the ticket in advance, or when it’s due to expire.

You should also consider booking your ticket online at least 10 days in advance to minimise any problems with the ticket expiring. 

Choose the best train for youThe best way to get tickets online is to find a train that is suitable for your needs.

There are plenty of trains on the network, and they’re all very different.

You’ll need to book in advance if you want to take a train to London, Birmingham or Birmingham to Leeds, or a train from Brighton and Hove to Leeds.

If you want a cheaper train, you can choose a train using a train operator’s preferred timetable, or buy a train ticket from a website. 

Avoid using the same train twiceIf you are taking a train between two stations on the same route, you may not be able to book a different ticket.

This means that the operator may have to change their timetable or change the number of train tickets available.

If this happens, you’ll need a new train ticket. 

Be realisticIt’s easy to get lost in the digital vortex.

You may not know the next station or stop, and it’s easy for your train to be delayed or cancelled.

It’s not ideal to book online.

You need to know what is available, how long you will be travelling and the amount of time you will need between your ticket and departure.

It may be cheaper to book the next day online, or you may need to buy the ticket to your destination on the phone.

Be flexibleIf you have a busy schedule, you might need to travel further afield to save some money.

Find out more about booking a flexible train and booking a seat online with this guide.

Get a quoteWhat to expectWhen you are buying a ticket, the best option for you is to have a chat with a train driver or conductor.

They can provide you with a detailed and accurate picture of your journey, and may be able give you a free seat on their train. 

The driver may also offer you more information, including information about the distance and time between stations. 

It is important that you have an accurate booking.

Some services require a booking in advance.

You must ensure that your details are correct, and then you can cancel the booking if it doesn’t go ahead. 

Check the routeBefore booking a ticket online you should check the route of the train to see if there is any change in the route or time between the two stations.

If the route is the same, you won’t need to check the time.

If there is no change, then you should book a second time at the same station.

This way you’ll be able make an informed choice about whether to travel with the train operator or not. 

Try a different timetableThe timetables