How to book your train on Google train booking page

How to order a train on a Google train buying page? 

How to find a train using Google train searching and booking? 

 If you are looking to book a train for a specific time or a specific distance then it may be worth considering using Google Train Search. 

Google Train Search is a service that allows you to search for a train by train or distance. 

You can then enter the destination and time and train to find the train that best suits you. 

In this article I am going to explain how to use Google Train search. 

 The search engine is used to find trains by train, train by distance and train by destination. 

If a train is marked as booked on Google Trainsearch then the search engine will search for the train and find the exact same train that you can book on Google. 

This is the main way to find train tickets, the more searches the better the train ticket. 

When you have selected a train in Google TrainSearch the train is shown in red and the time it is booked is shown on blue. 

The time it was booked is also shown on the map on the left side of the screen. 

Below is the search function. 

On the left is the full train search screen with the train’s destination and departure time in red, the time the train was booked in green and the train departure time shown in yellow. 

Click on the yellow train to get a train ticket for the specified time and distance.

On the right is the train booking screen with all the details about the train. 

Find the train, get a ticket and then click on the green train button to book it. 

Once you have clicked on the train you can then use the search feature to find out more information about the ticket, find the nearest train station and click on it.

This is how the search functionality works on Google trains. 

For example if you are travelling from London to Paris then the train to Paris is shown as “London to Paris”. 

If the train has a departure time of 5:50am you can find out the time and destination by clicking on the red train.

If you would like to find more details about a train then you can click on a red train icon and then the name of the train will appear. 

From the train information screen you can get more information and see a detailed timetable and a map of the route. 

Then you can enter the date and time of departure and time when the train should depart. 

There is a small warning icon on the screen to show you the ‘warnings’ on the timetable. 

To find a station you can use the station information box and then type the name and address of the station. 

Finally you can start booking the train at Google Train’s website and the journey will be made from the station to the destination.

For example the train I have booked from London is going from London Bridge to St Pancras and I would click on “St Pancras to St Paul’s” to find my ticket.

The Google Train booking service is available for the following countries and dates:United Kingdom and Ireland:Monday to Friday, 09:30am to 06:30pmUK and Ireland, Saturdays 09:00am to 07:00pmUnited Kingdom, Sundays 09:45am to 11:45pmMonday to Sunday, 08:00 am to 10:00 pmMonday to Saturday, 09,00 am to 11:00 The UK and Ireland search functions are similar to those for France and Germany. 

But for UK searches, there is no station to find. 

United Kingdom searches can be done in both English and French. 

French searches are only available for UK search purposes. 

European Union searches are available in both French and English. 

German and Dutch searches are also available for all searches in French and German. 

These two search functions work in both European Union and US search terms. 

UK searches are not available in France and German searches. 

British searches for the EU are not limited to France and Germans. 

Here is a comparison of the UK and US searches for train journeys. 

EU searches can only be done with the UK train search and there are no train searches in Germany.