How to be a Woodstock ‘Woodstock Barbershop’ modeller

Woodstock barbershops have been popping up in recent years, but the popular tourist attraction is a myth.

Here are 10 of the biggest woodstock myths.1.

You can buy beer from the barbers at Woodstock 2.

The festival started in 1873 3.

You won’t get into the Woodstock Museum 4.

The real Woodstock took place in 1871 5.

Woodstock is actually the name of a woodstock park 6.

The Woodstock Fairgrounds were originally set up as a public meeting space.


The first Woodstock was in 1867, the last was in 1893.


The fairgrounds were the site of the first Wood Stock in 1865.


The original Woodstock Festival was held in 1868.


The final Woodstock Parade was held on May 7, 1874.