Germany’s suspension railway is a success story

Wuppertall, Germany — Germany’s suspension railroad is a failure, the company that operates it told investors on Wednesday.

Germany’s railway operator Wuppernet, in its latest annual report, blamed the company’s management team for a “systemic failure” in the design and construction of the railway’s suspension bridge.

The company has been under fire since a report last week showed that the bridge was too unstable and that the suspension rail had failed to work as intended.

Wuppertale said that management had failed on several fronts in building the suspension bridge, and that a failure in one section of the bridge had caused a cascade of failures that had left the railway stranded in Wuppenland, the state of Lower Saxony.

Wappernet CEO Christian Lütjens said the company would take immediate action to address its problems, adding that the company was taking steps to ensure that the next version of the suspension railway would meet its safety standards.

Würzburg, Germany-based Würzberg, which operates the suspension railroad, also said that the railway was in “serious disrepair” and that it had lost track of money owed to it.

The railway company has said that it is still in talks with the Federal Railways, the German state that operates the railroad, about the possibility of getting its liability waived, the Associated Press reported.