Angels flight railway supplier finds new market for high-speed trains

A major supplier of high-frequency train lines has found new markets for its products, with the possibility of adding more routes to the industry as well as expanding the network.

The company that supplies high-voltage rail line trains to the U.S. and Europe said it’s working with several companies that provide the equipment to the transportation industry to add routes to its network.

“Our customers are a very diverse group of individuals and businesses.

We are now in a position to serve a range of transportation needs that are out there, and we see an opportunity for us to expand our supply of high frequency trains in this space,” said Jim Kappel, president of Angels Flight Railway in a statement.

The company operates about 10,000 high-capacity train lines in North America, South America, the Middle East and Africa.

“This is not only about railroads but also about the next-generation of high speed passenger trains,” Kappell said.

Angels Flight’s rail network includes high-performing lines in the U-S.

that carry more than 200 million passengers a year.

It has two lines running from Detroit, which is part of the rail corridor to the Midwest, to Minneapolis, which connects to the city.

Airlines are seeking to expand their high-tech networks to provide more space for planes and trains, as well.

For example, Delta Air Lines recently started to build a new rail corridor between Seattle and Portland, Oregon.

The companies are working on developing high-efficiency passenger train lines, but Kappels company, which also makes high-intensity rail equipment, said it is focusing on providing more routes for existing high-performance lines.

The next stage of the project will be to build more of the new lines, he said.

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